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Textbook Buyback

An easy way to view our college textbook buyback prices is to assemble the textbooks you want to sell so that the barcode ISBN numbers are easily visible, so as to facilitate typing them into our sellback window. In many cases, these ISBN numbers are visibly published on the outside back covers of your books; in other cases, there may be stickers obscuring, covering, or masking the textbook's actual barcode number. Be sure to either peel those stickers back to view the correct number, or look on the inside pages of your college book where the actual number is printed. Often you may find the 13-digit version of the 10-digit ISBN number. These 13 digit numbers are called "EAN" numbers, and as long as you are using the correct ISBN or EAN number, they may be used interchangebly for selling purposes on this site. Enter those EAN or ISBN digits into the "Textbook Buyback" input frame, to the left. Click the "BOOK BUYBACK" button and quotes will appear on the next page.


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Payment issued promptly
When your parcel arrives, do we hang onto it and wait? No! We are extremely fast; we have over 20 plus years of experience processing books. That means we will process your college book shipment the SAME day it arrives and then in less than one day, we will get your check issued!

Where can I sell back my books online?
This is a TEXTBOOK BUYBACK source! We would like to try to buy back your textbooks right here! Enter those EAN or ISBN numbers from the college books you want to sell back into the buyback window to the left. Have lots of books? HINT: Type them all in one big column before you click the BOOK BUYBACK button.

Privacy Assured
We respect your privacy! We don't discuss your sale of unwanted textbooks with other companies — not even your colleagues! And we never sell your personal details to anyone! Your textbooks are your business and we like to help keep it that way.

Any Questions?
Feel free to consult our Help Section, or contact us at any time, if you ever have any questions.

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